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"No Flamingo" Street Football

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No Flamingo, a new street football for players by players.

Pannanoia is the mental state of fearing the panna, resulting in a physical freezing of the legs, often with one leg up like the Flamingo. In Pannahouse we educate young ballers in not being afraid of going for the ball, knowing that you might get a Panna. Sure, it isn’t a good feeling when somebody gets you, but there is a lot to learn from being able to take chances and grow with every loss.

This is the first official Pannahouse streetfootball and a beginning of a new era for our crew.

The ball has a unique design and is a high quality ball developed by and for ballers. LIMITED DROP - only 400 pieces available and never to be made again.


The ball has been fabricated to enhance the ability of a street soccer player. Size 4.5 with a layer that allows you to have more grip on the asfalt temples. Hand crafted for ultimate roundness. Made from premium quality leather and equipped with a honeycomb pattern to have more traction on asfalt, which increases as the ball is used. Detailed with the FLAMINGO print and added features.